It’s been two years since I visited Myanmar… I can barely believe it was that long ago!

Since my visit, I’ve had many friends and family members join the masses of travellers exploring the once closed off country. From what I’ve heard it has changed drastically! Why? Natural events such as the earthquake in Bagan, the newly elected government and the boom in tourism all have contributed to Myanmar’s development and changing.

Many travellers despise the rapid growth, wanting to attain that hidden gem. But should we really desire a country not to develop?

For me I feel blessed that I got to experience Myanmar before the boom.

For instance, I got to explore the temples of Bagan for hours without bumping into another tourist. I got to walk around the once quaint little village of Nyaung Shwe with barely a hotel in sight. I got to experience the people and a culture that I felt was untouched. But, I do believe you can still discover the real culture today, as cliched as it sounds it’s the local people that make Myanmar special.


A Photo Journal of Myanmar


An abundance of locals… but no other foreigners!


Just before taking this shot a group of monks walked past faster than I could reach for my camera… my reaction was delayed as I was mesmerised in their rapid but smooth movements.


The Road to Mandalay

The road to Mandalay. Little did I know I was about to meet the second in command of the entire country at Mandalay Hill at the end of this road.


Bagan sunrise

Two years on this temple is now a hot spot for sunrise sessions. We got it all to ourselves!



It was sad to see photos of this temple now. The earthquake destroyed its spectacular spire. I hope it will be repaired to its former glory again one day.


Temples of Bagan

You’ll never be short of temples in Bagan.


Many villages like this one pop up in the middle of the lake. Try and find a local haunt by letting your guide take you to meet his friends.


Inle Lake Farming

Inle Lake supports many floating farms which feeds the entire region!


Tazaungdaing Festival

Do not miss! See my full post on Tazaungdaing Festival as it is an experience you definitely cannot miss!


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