It’s a sad reality that we encounter people who are miserable on a daily basis. People who resent their jobs, hobbies, bank balances, fitness and looks – the list is endless!

Ultimately these people are unhappy with their lives and often there’s nothing we can do to help. However, we can encourage them to take a path, be bold, and find their “happy place.”

So often do my friends say they wish they could do what I do, give it all up and chase my passions – quite simply they can!

Unfortunately society does back the daily grind and acceptance of a life where your glass is always half full. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Happiness starts with the decision to be happy

You’d be surprised about how effective this is in turning your life around. I remember my moment clearly, I was mildly depressed and hating life in London. But, with a push out the front door by a friend to explore the city, I hit the Thames and sunshine in 5 minutes and it was in that moment that I decided to be happy.


Do what you love… always

It may seem selfish to strive to do what you love. But, doing what you love leads to happiness and a fulfilling life so why wouldn’t you? By choosing to do what you love doesn’t mean that you’re selfish. After all, your happiness will be contagious and encourage others to follow your path. After my decision to be happy, I figured out the things that I really loved, like travelling, surfing, hiking and writing. So when I now make any important decisions, I  make sure they’ll be beneficial for doing the things I love.


Accepting Jesus

Now I’ve probably lost most of you here and that’s ok… But, it would be great if you could heae me out! Since becoming a Christian, I have had this great sense of love and contentment which I know comes from the Holy Spirit. I know that sounds absolutely crazy to all you non Christians out there (and at one point in my life I would have agreed with you). But becoming a Christian has made a monumental difference in my life and I can be comforted knowing my life is in God’s hands. In addition to this, I’ve  been welcomed into a community that is super loving and encouraging. Not only are they supportive in encouraging my faith, but for living an awesome life as well, a life where everything is possible.


What are some of your secrets to a happy life?

Feel free to share in the comments section below