As you may recall, earlier this year I smashed my March blogging challenge. For the entire duration of March I blogged every single day and loved every minute. With my blogging cup overflowing with creative juices I vowed I would continue blogging regularly and keep you all up to date with all my shenanigans. But I failed.

Since the start of April, I have written a total of two blog posts since my challenge ended.

How could this happen?

I like to blame how quickly the year has flown by. But it has the same amount of days as any other year.

I like to blame dislocating my knee in Queensland. And yes it stopped me from travelling and surfing for a while but it certainly didn’t impact my ability to write.

I like to blame my busy life of work, church and Christian Surfers. But that hasn’t changed since March.

I like to blame my tiredness. But that’s more like laziness.

So really I can only blame myself and apologise to you all for me abysmal efforts and pathetic excuses.

Who feels like there life is a complex web of excuses?

As you can see I had several “very good” reasons and many more that I could add to the list as to why I haven’t been blogging. It doesn’t just end with blogging either. My fitness is absolutely shocking, I sleep in as long as possible every day, I spend my evenings “exhausted” and watching Netflix. I literally have an excuse for everything. I can even justify eating an abundance of chocolate because it contains dairy and an array of other junk – as long as it balances right?

I’m not sure when this pattern of living life as one big excuse started. What I do know is that I don’t like it.

For years my motto has been embrace life. A simple philosophy which has enabled me to achieve amazing and incredible things. From adventures I’ve taken to physical feats and a passion for life unrivalled by many. When did I become so drab?

What am I going to do about it?

Embrace life of course!

I’m going to rise with the sun and make every minute count. I’m going to eat better, exercise every day and surf as much as I physically can! Not to mention hit the road and explore this glorious world of ours and write about it. Whether it be blogging, returning to my novel or freelance work I am going to write my little heart out.

What better time to start then now. I am finally uninjured, heading to the snow this weekend and Bali the next. The tingles I got from picking up my passport for the first time in almost three years sent shivers through my entire body.

So that’s it from me this evening…

How have you been?