World MapChoosing where I should travel has become a serious dilemma. With the whole world on offer how can you settle on just one destination? I know you’re all thinking don’t settle for just one, travel them all! But it’s just not that simple…

Even if you plan to see the entire world, you still need to choose what order you will travel to them all. For me, I have been blessed to spend years of my adult life indulging in long term travel. I have lived in the United States and England, travelled through Europe twice, I’ve been to South America and traversed South East Asia.

I know I sound incredibly self-centred. Here I am whining about where I should travel like it’s a serious life problem. And I do feel bad at times that I can be so absorbed in travelling the world, while others don’t even have the basic necessities to live.

Travel is an addiction that I don’t want to overcome.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I have committed to do more for others when I travel. My bucket list is filled with volunteer programs and projects that I wish to contribute my time and money to all over the world.

Naturally, since I have not been to Central America or Africa they should be high on my list. However, I am nowhere near experiencing all that Asia, Europe, North and South America have to offer. Where to next? I just can’t decide!

It was just last week a friend and I were marking on a map all the places we want to travel and surf in the world. In addition to our destination markers, we included the best time of year to surf. After an hour or so our list was vast and probably comprised five years of travel and working abroad.

How do you choose that one place that will kick off your next adventure?

In the past it was easy. I’d have a strong conviction that I had to go to that particular place at that particular time. Since I don’t have that same conviction this time round, does it mean that I’m supposed to be staying here?

Because so far this year I’ve planned a trip to: Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Western Australia, Kirribati, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Spain! As soon as I’m convinced I’ve chosen THE place I’m going to go, somewhere else comes along and tempts me away.

Have you ever struggled to choose where to travel?

Do you have any good ideas on where I should travel next?

Or, do you think I’m a selfish traveller who should just stay at home?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment in the section below