Quite frankly I’m struggling. For the last month I have been stuck indoors nursing my injuries after dislocating my knee on the Gold Coast.

I’ve tried everything to stay entertained.

I’ve made a peacock costume, devoured my pile of “to read” books, had productive days working on my copywriting business as well as submitting travel articles left right and centre, but all of this amounts to nothing.

There’s no satisfaction in reading a book about someone’s grand adventures I currently have no hope in having. Similarly, surf movies result in me being moody and depressed, with at least another 5 weeks before I can hit the waves. Yes this sounds selfish and spoilt especially since there’s millions of people worse off in the world, but…

I need out.

I need outdoors.

However, it’s not all bad news. I have had some improvements to my condition. From being bed ridden and unable to straighten my leg, I can now semi walk.

If anyone drives past my house they’ll probably see me shuffling around aimlessly inside or failing to walk up my driveway (which barely even counts as an incline). Not to mention driving is a luxury I don’t have and won’t have for another week.

Just today at physio I progressed onto new fun activities. Not only do I now get to play on a wobble board for balance exercises, but I get to do strength training in preparation for tackling stairs.

On top of this, I can attempt light swimming and even jump on a stand up paddle board soon. How awesome is that?

It definitely hasn’t been easy to stay positive. Even writing this post this morning before physio I had no hope, I’d almost given up. But now there is an end in sight, one filled with travelling, surfing, hiking, climbing, running, swimming, dancing and everything else ending in ‘ing’.

Hoping my next injury update I will be able to share with you a complete recovery! Who knows… I may even be more of a rig after this than when I started out (not that that will be hard to beat).