Blogging Challenge

Yewwwww!!! March 31st!

I made it! I almost contemplated not writing the final post to complete my March blogging challenge… But, I knew I’d be devastated when I woke up tomorrow a fool, so here goes…

If you’re just tuning in, a month ago I decided I’d write a blog post every single day of March. At first this seemed like no biggie, and I did start off strong. However, very quickly I began to feel burnt out.

Not only have I blogged everyday of March, but I have maintained a full time job, been faithful to my duties as a Christian Surfers Leader as well as remained an active member of my community while keeping a social life!

How I have managed this I have no idea. It goes to show when you’re determined to do something anything is possible. But I have definitely learned valuable lessons on this journey.


What have I learnt about blogging?

Although my statistics are definitely not anywhere close to that of professional blogs, I have noticed an increase in visitors to my site. Both the number of views and visitors are the highest they’ve been in 6 months which is really great. It is important to note, that other than my weekly email newsletter and a link to each post on my Facebook page and Twitter account, I have not marketed my blog posts or my March blogging challenge.

The most popular posts throughout the month were my musings, where I shared parts of my personal life, with my update on how my injuries are going being the most popular of the series. What does this say about my readers? Either they enjoy getting to know me and are showing their support during my hardships. Or… they find my suffering entertaining. I’m going to go with the first, because I definitely feel support from the Ruby White Road community. And I know you’re not all sadists!


What have I learnt about myself?

It seems I am just as determined as I ever was. For a while there I was concerned I’d lost my drive and commitment in achieving my goals.

Similarly, I had not realised I was in a rut until I started this challenge. My spare time had been filled with lying in front of a movie or TV series, remnants of my days stuck in bed when my foot blew up. With a desire to follow through and actually blog everyday, I have spent less time in front of a screen being mindless. Instead, my time in front of the screen has been productive, working on my blog and other writing projects. Additionally, by breaking this bad habit, I have spent more time outdoors again, testing the limits of my body (with my injuries in mind) and achieving greater heights!

My new passion for life, and knowing that my body can handle adventure is super exciting. I can’t wait for what adventures are to come!


What can you expect from the Ruby White Road?

The Ruby White Road is far from over! This year my adventures will continue to explore Australia with a trip up to Queensland happening VERY soon.

Now that I have found a great life and blogging balance, you can expect more regular blog posts from me and maybe even a little marketing to add to our growing community. Surfing, travel, hiking and happiness will be key themes moving forward with the addition of climbing when my physio clears me to return to the wall.

Feel free to be active in the conversation by leaving comments in the comments section after each blog post. Share your stories and thoughts, even if it’s a quick hello, agreement or differing point of view I’d love to hear from you!


So that’s it for the March blogging challenge!

But don’t worry you’ll be hearing from me very soon…


Happy travels,