Last day in London, St Pauls

Last day in London, St Pauls

When you embrace life on the road you have to accept that you will come across many lasts. Today marks my last day living in London. It is the last day I can walk down to the Thames, have ample stores to sustain a comfortable lifestyle within a 100m radius and hang out on my front steps enjoying a Pimms and Lemonade. Tonight is the last night I will share a flat with four others in sardine like conditions.

On the road I find I constantly fall in love with a city, town, village or country accepting it may be the last time I will be there or experience something seems an impossible concept. I make promises to myself that it will not be the last time I will see or experience these things and on a few occasions I have fulfilled this promise to myself. But I am always tempted by what lies around the corner. It could be better? It could be worse? I will never know if I don’t accept that travelling the world brings lasts on a regular basis.

I use the phrase last as I do not like goodbyes. When you step out your front door saying good bye to your home, family and friends you leave behind is just the start and is the start of the lasts. I had my last family dinner 12 months ago with an indefinite period of time until I knew I would be back at the table with them all. Then everywhere I have travelled I am saying good bye to the amazing people and places I have come across. It is never easy; it is just a part of the life I have chosen. It is not really good bye as I cherish the memories I have made every day. To help move on I focus on the incredible adventure that I have before me.

My new adventure…

Six years ago my brother gave me an anklet which he bought for me in Turkey. Tomorrow I make my way to Turkey for the very first time still wearing this same anklet. It is the start of my new adventure, the start of more lasts and goodbyes. I begin in Istanbul before exploring many of the natural and man-made gems throughout the country. Most of all I am excited to meet the people and experience the culture of Turkey.

Next I will venture to Greece where I will meet my London best friend. Here we will spend a couple of weeks exploring the mainland and islands. My friend and I met in Croatia last year where we travelled throughout the islands starting in Dubrovnik and ending in Split. So naturally ending our time together and sharing our last week’s together exploring the islands of Greece is the only way to share our last days together.

My last European adventure will take me across Spain; walking the Camino de Santiago. I will be taking 5 weeks to complete my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The Camino is something I have always wanted to do during my time in Europe and I can think of no better last European experience for the year.

Departing Europe I am flying to SE Asia before making my way to Australia. Without much of a plan from the time I leave Europe I am excited what firsts and lasts will enter my travel sphere. All I know is I am ecstatic to embrace every first and last opportunity that my new adventure throws at me.

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