Who is Ruby White?

I’m just a girl standing in front of the world asking it to love her… Bitten by the travel bug early in life, I left home in an attempt to experience it all. I’m slightly obsessed with travel, surfing, the ocean, hiking and the stories of people I meet every day. Did I mention that I love all things travel?

Australian born writer and blogger, currently South Coast (NSW) based and just to confuse people, I often write under a pseudonym: Ruby White.

Can you keep a secret? My real name is Lizzie Whiting and you can find some of my work published around the internet and in print under this name. But shhhhhhh… it’s a secret!

My Travel Obsession…

New Zealand 1994

At just 18 months old my parents took me on my first overseas trip to Hawaii. Obviously I have no memories of this adventure, but it was the start of a childhood filled with many fun years travelling to various parts of the world. Naturally, the wanderlust that captured my parents ensnared me very early and a life of travel – experiencing and learning about different cultures was inevitable.

At 17 I went on my first parent-free trip abroad to Fiji and had the time of my life. Since, I have lived abroad and studied Marine Biology at the University of Miami, exploring parts of North and South America as well as the Caribbean. Recently, I lived in London and realised it was greyer than I’d imagined and I was in desperate need of a surf every single day!

So how did I fix this? I saved up money and escaped! First to Turkey then a short stint in Greece before walking the Camino de Santiago. With money still in the bank I dropped into South East Asia before heading back to Australia, as it was time to travel my own backyard!

About the Ruby White Road…

Ruby White Road is the home of all my surf and travel adventures and hopefully will inspire you to visit the incredible places I have travelled. Whether my articles are about the place, people, culture or adventure, I hope you can experience the journey from wherever you are situated in the world.  Before you know it, I hope you’re planning to embark on your own adventure or live vicariously through the stories I have to share, as I find there is no greater thing than embracing life on the road.

My review section covers many of the places I have slept, ate and the modes of transport/companies I used to get there. If you wish to pick my brain further on any of the destinations I feature here on this blog, feel free to leave a comment.

Want to know where I’ve travelled? Check out my destinations page. Is there something I haven’t covered? Feel free to contact me.

Want to Work With me?

Do you have a writing opportunity for me? Do you want me to review your accommodations, restaurant, bar, tour or travel service?

Feel free to check out my portfolio website for more information on my writing services. Alternatively, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy travels,


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