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I’m just a girl standing in front of the world asking it to love her… Bitten by the travel bug early in life, I left home in an attempt to experience it all. I’m also slightly obsessed with writing, surfing, the ocean, hiking and did I mention that I love all things travel? Read More

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Size Matters: How to choose the perfect backpack for travel

As a backpacker I’ve collected numerous backpacks over the years. Every trip led me to becoming more efficient…

The Surf Check

Most people (aka non-surfers) believe we’re laidback to the point of laziness. We may enjoy a good old…

Who needs an alarm clock in Saltwater Creek?

“Tap, tap, tap…” I rolled over on my mattress with a groan. “Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…” The…

How to Take the Perfect Photo of Wild Dolphins

“Dolphins!” I heard shouted from somewhere deep within the house. I stopped unwrapping my new GoPro and ran…

How Sesamoidits Isn’t Going to Keep From Surfing & Travelling

I’ve had a hard run lately and I feel it’s time I share. For the past two years…

Have you found your one true home?

For years I have travelled and explored the world. I’ve lived all over, searched, and sought for that…

The 10 things I learnt on my Air Asia flight to Bali

Have you ever wanted to take a spontaneous trip to Bali? I did and abandoned the SE Asia…

Are you searching for Arcadia? Here is where you’ll find it…

Arcadia: an image or idea of life that is believed to be perfect. A noble and peaceful wilderness…

How to get silly at a Cambodian wedding

What do you do when your neighbour in a foreign country invites you to a wedding conveniently held…

It all depends on the price of the fish

It was the day we were finally going to explore our surrounds. After a week in Arcadia, we…

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